As an active mentor, I often get to asked about which paid course to follow to crack the code of OSCE exam and to pass it. If you ask me honestly, no paid tutor can make you pass the exam by sitting on your place. Its better you learn the skills which I am trying to teach you in order to make yourself stand on your own feets and to earn your victory – Yourself.

Here is MY simple key to follow to make you all pass in your first attempt like many others have done successfully so far:

Preparation time varies from person to person and upon how much clinical skills you already have and how much active you are as a student. I have members who have passed OSCE B with only 5 – 6 weeks preparation by just following the below mentioned formula. On the contrary, one needs on average 4 – 6 months of preparation along with work and family to make you pass this exam.

My first advice is to prepare for OSCE B in a smart way by keeping it simple and concise. DO NOT confuse yourself with too many literature and books.

  1. Strictly follow SINGH notes/ BAZEED notes for preparation along with MacMinn’s and Abraham’s Clinical Atlas for Anatomy.
  2. Do procedural skills and clinical examination practice by watching GEEKY videos on youtube and reading Dr. Bazeed notes.
  3. Make your preparation optimal by going through PAST YEAR RECALLS.
  4. Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel to learn on the go and not to miss any update:

Link for all the study material is as follows:


If time allows then go through the following books:

  1. Dr. Exam Books part 1 and 2
  2. Essential Radiological Anatomy MRCS by Stuart Currie.
  3. Clinical and Procedural skills Notes by Andrew Miller.
  4. Surgical Critical Care for MRCS OSCE by Mazyar Kanani- 2nd Edition, 2015 (Latest One):

I am greatful to all my beloved members who have contributed actively by providing me with all the up-to-date study material to make it accessible for you all – this easily. If possible then remeber all involved in your prayers.

Enjoy the preparation guide and I wish you all – ONLY success !!!

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Published by Samreen Malik

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  1. Thankyou Mam .
    You are doing all these things for people sitting thousands of miles away from you and expect nothing in return .
    May God bless you with good health,happiness and prosperity ..

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